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Introduction to OOP in Python

Here is a simple application that create a customer class and read/write to file. This is for file named #Developed by Armin Nikdel #Date: 11 Nov 2016 #License: GPLv3 #This class do evaluation and validations and keep customer #and customer group data, method and functions #Define constants INVEST_TYPES=[‘fd’,’mf’,’ut’,’FD’,’MF’,’UT’] #define Customer class class Customer: #define initialize function to create a …

adminIntroduction to OOP in Python
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Snake & Ladder Game in Python

I’ve had countless hours working on this university project, to develop a simple python snake and ladder game. I probably wont touch python once this semester is finished, but I rather post it up here for my own reference and to help others to learn how to speak python! I believe¬†publishing codes as GPLv3 is best way to help all …

adminSnake & Ladder Game in Python
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Setup a Dropbox-like two way multiple folders synchronization for CentOS

I have implemented a two way sync between my servers, process was not smooth and there was not enough documentation online for new version of softwares that I have used, so I had to tweak around until two way sync finally work as desired. I have used OpenSSH, Unison 2.40 and lsyncd 2.1.4 to do this, there are other ways …

adminSetup a Dropbox-like two way multiple folders synchronization for CentOS